Life Enthusiast

Let’s talk about Life at first, before heading to Life Enthusiast. What is Life? Time in which you determine yourself to be happy, strong, intellectual, ready to learn from every single experience that you get to grab (regardless of good or bad), insane adventures, and desire for greatness. Is that it? No, it’s way beyond the universal understanding of one.

My perspective of Life is all about being a Treasurer, one in search of new experiences every single time.

Life. Is all about entangling the engraved pages of destiny, the one that is suffice to explore by a person himself, but, the only hurdle he faces is, his own instincts that brought him this far, the ones that made him survive the toughest of the harsh Tsunami’s, the ones that once made him to do what he is doing right now with a smile. In tough times, it’s sure sickening, however, soon these times will fetch something great. Only if he does realize to continue what he was looking for, to bare what he was fighting for, to swim to the depths of thoughts and achieve greatness.

To find the true treasure of Life. Invest the precious time to become the Treasurer that all are just dreaming of, find the curvy path, bear the heaviest rocks of responsibility on shoulder, be a Treasurer. For once and for all.

For me, being a Treasurer of Life is being Life Enthusiast.

Life is meant to be lived, not survived.

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