Who’s fault

Today, what I’m going to remind you about is related to facts that has unfortunate consequences.
The haunting moments of time which we can’t forget about.
We all know from past couple of years we have seen a lot which shouldn’t have happened. We have seen nature’s temper turning into devastation.
Buildings turning into ashes, but still don’t know why people try to capture it with flashes. Those innocent people killed in disasters might never have thought (even in their dreams) that they would face death in such a way.
If i start reminding you with past disasters it would take hours for you just listening to it.
Who is responsible for this???
Nature (is only nature faulty in this?


Man, who again blames it on nature…
We could have saved many lives in such situations but we haven’t. Millions of people died.
Ha, some of you may be thinking-  now what, it happened in past, ignore it, forget about it, let it go and move on, just picturize it as horrible memory…
I say No. This won’t solve the coming problems. Instead we should be more cautious for the next or upcoming disaster.
Few days back i had a cut on my hand, and it healed itself. Amazing isn’t it. There are millions of things happening around us, and we don’t bother for many of them.
What if i tell you even nature has that capability to feel and can act as good as a man, or as bad.. maybe people had to die because mother nature was angry at that time on their actions of trouble caused to nature. Reasons are wide.
Recently i came across this fascinating product made by Japanese, it’s a big rescue ball, capable of holding people and protecting them in disastrous times. They have many such solutions to save their people in hard times.
There’s a saying as “people always try to solve a problem only when they face it”
Maybe that’s why they have come up with so many innovations, to save themselves. Because they have seen it and they know how it feels to lose someone, when someone close to you dies in front of you. “It’s true, when you experience something bad you would never want it to happen with others.”
The question here is do we really need to first face it then try to solve, even when we had a gist of its possibility.(One intense question)
“Life is a mystery, that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for it. I hope next time when we face such we should already be prepared.


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