Kill something to have something!!

I had a dream this morning, I  stood up and walked toward the window, dragged the curtain and felt the fresh air with scenic beauty, birds and loving nature. I was enjoying the moment like i can live in it forever with out complaining. Infact I was completely in to the rhythm of nature.


Unfortunately i had to wake up to face the realty

I woke up (this time for real) looked out of the window and questioned myself, what’s happening. I wasn’t able to open the window, felt like i was packed in a box of rocks.  I saw out through it,
felt uncomfortable. Turned my eyes to left what i saw was surely questionable, nothing but only the pieces of rocks together shaped into buildings. Hilarious isn’t it. We break down mountains to piece’s of rocks and then we turn it to buildings. Why? We killed the nature for our own satisfaction, or shall I  say greed. Hell yeah, I do know we need shelter to live in. But do we really need to ‘kill something to have something’ (that’s one intense question). What’s this about, if you ask me where would I like to live- in a city full of just buildings and artificially planted oxygen OR a nature full of beauty. My answer will always be in choosing nature first.
I can’t tell you where the journey ends.
Later I  realised I shouldn’t have woke up at all.
But life will past by if i don’t open up my eye’s but that’s fine by me. So wake me up when it’s all over.


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