!! Survive or Live

This is written for our understanding,
Thanking our life for being so outstanding.

Life is all about making memories. Who care’s about the after life, when we still strive to come out of our low life

Here is a log of tree’s successful life:

I’m a tree, i wish you understand this for free,
I have natural roots, i wish you ever ate my fruits,
My root’s are strong, i wish you never had me wrong,
Let’s make it simple, any how you’re gonna die with wrinkle

Tree’s are abundant, they are everywhere,
People are exhaustive, we reach no where

We all know how good tree’s are to us, are we as Good as they are? are we as Productive as they are…
Ya sure we ain’t talking about growing fruits, it’s about growing yourself

What do you think- does a tree survive or live? Does it face pain to grow? Are they greedy too? Are they fearless? What does a tree think of our way of living or surviving?
Let’s answer some of the interesting questions on life

Tree say’s:
It took years of struggle, to have this talent,
They took minutes to smuggle, coz i was silent,
Tree’s are living, with a lot for giving,
Take them as inspiration, and reach your destination.


Looking into our childhood(kid) way of life:

We were so cute, without being mute,
We used to ask, without wearing a mask

Our dreams were cool, to just be the moon,
We went to school, and slept till noon,
Mamma said have big dream, but don’t you scream,
Papa said be a brave man, or you’ll have a clash of clan

I never realized what could be my goal, what should be my destination,
I never lost my control, as i had a way beyond imagination

I wasn’t so greed, i had love indeed,
Yes i had some fear, which now look so mere,
I never thought of survival, i didn’t knew life was rival,
I was just living, with love for wishing

Those were the days when we were kid’s with silly big dreams and much open minded, ready to grasp what ever thrown to our mind, we never bothered much for our living, we had big dreams which are still to accomplish.
We barely thought what could be our future, we were just one of a kind creature.

But we Lived for the fullest without binding life in our way, instead life binded us with others in its own way.

(This writing has been chopped into three of small piece’s- the kid, the young, the old. Where as the young and the old will be out soon), stay tuned.


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