A thought on thought’s

Thoughts have importance likely equal to that of nature letting you breathe. You are alive and reading this article because of nature’s abundant provision of oxygen. And so is our brain alive and active, because of our thoughts. At times you never know the fantastic complications of your own mind, what happend in past, what’s happening in present, what will happen in future. These are likely the most common thoughts, but thinking of why and how are also required to understand our mind better,
as much as plants need water to grow, water needs surface to flow,
people need surface to hold,
and again nature needs people to act bold, to be the gold.

Have you ever thought on why do we think. Do we really think or we just pretend to think. Is any effort applied when we think.(Oh, it’s like asking yourself, have you used yourself).

We are meant to think first, and the rest. Every single milli second is been used by us to think anything(it doesn’t matter). The start of the day to even while we sleep, we keep on thinking about something or the other. Some think of what they like, and some, of what they don’t, and others Imagine.
Even if some one say’s they were pretending to think, it’s actually unreal fact for them, because when you pretend or replicate and say something, you think.
Whereas effort’s are to be applied by every one, either it might be for thinking or even for existence.
Peace is to be thought when your mind say’s enough please.

Unlike — like and dislike
Imagination is a broad way of thinking, being open minded. Assuming of what we think to imaging it to our comfort of vision in mind, it is.
And so feeling’s are, on what we imagine to be, on what we trust to be, and we assume to be the truth is our feeling- which though is dissimilar to everybody.

On Feelings-
Some go with the facts, some with dreams,
Some with their acts, to some with being extreme…


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